Ways to Schedule Patients Effectively and Efficiently

As you are a usual medical professional, your typical day is packed with patients from the early morning to evening. This is not to forget the administrative duties that await you. It is important for you to be able to plan your day well and manage your hours. Therefore, it goes without saying that scheduling patients effectively and efficiently will go a long way to determining the success of your medical practice.

That said, our team has put together several tips to help medical practices improve how they schedule patients.

Use of automatic reminder applications and software

The world has been changed dramatically. The internet has penetrated into almost every sector of the economy and our society. It is no longer expected for medical facilities to set up appointments using a receptionist and an appointment book. Your clients should be able to set up an appointment with the click of a button. This is possible through the use of an automatic scheduling and reminder system.

Through these smart devices, patients will be able to log in to the system, register, look for an available slot, and book an appointment. This will have significant benefits to your company. It will save on the cost, allow you to manage your time better as a company, and reduce the number of no-shows.

Consider setting up appointments from noon

This tip pushes the agenda of quality over quantity. You might be shocked by how productive your staff might prove to be using this system. Consider booking appointments from midday forward. This allows you to work for continuous hours and also allows you to concentrate without taking breaks.

The morning hours can be used for staff meetings, to handle personal issues, or marketing of the company’s services and products.

A waiting list

Never underestimate the importance of a waiting list. No-shows can reduce the income of the practice while increasing the expenses and costs. By having a waiting list, you can slot one of your clients when a patient communicates that he or she is a no-show.

Importance of a buffer time

We are still pushing the agenda of productivity. Consider having a few minutes to yourself after every appointment. Think of it as a time to reset before the next appointment. During this time, you can get acquainted with the next patient’s email. This also allows the technical support team to set up any apparatus or tools that are needed.

These breaks can also serve to give you a reprieve from a long and taxing appointment. This makes you fresh for the next one. You can be guaranteed to improve productivity and offer better service.


Never underestimate the importance of having the ideal model that fits your medical practice. In the service industry, service providers are expected to be effective and efficient in the services they offer. If you want reputation protection online, contact us today. Our professionals are ready to advise you in the best way possible.