How Often Should Your Business Post On Social Media?

It seems like a simple, straightforward question, but the answer can go through many details. Your daily posts should differ depending on the platform you’re promoting on. Media presence is vital to ensure you keep your followers updated without overwhelming them. So media monitoring importance is obvious and to keep up with all data and tricks which surely will help expand your business you’d better continue looking through this article.

As platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have different algorithms, it is best to employ a different strategy when dealing with each one.


Facebook’s algorithm favors posts from families and friends, not brands or businesses. Therefore, it is best for upcoming businesses to post once daily or every other day, as the more they post, the fewer interactions they will receive. For larger enterprises, posting twice daily is recommended. They have more followers, and their interactions will not be compromised.


The average life of a tweet is thought to be around 17 minutes. Twitter feeds are constantly refreshing with new tweets from those you follow, recommended tweets, and viral tweets taking the top spot on your feed. Therefore, tweeting around five times a day is advisable. However, businesses can tweet around 50 times with no significant negative impact, as Twitter is made to accumulate a large volume of tweets.



Instagram has an algorithm similar to that of Facebook. Therefore, posting once a day is best. Instagram is all about aesthetic images, and coming up with striking pictures requires time. So this frequency maximizes views and clicks while also saving time.



Pinterest also focuses on aesthetics, but unlike Instagram, it does not punish post frequency as its algorithm is personalized. You can put up pins from 5 to 30 times a day without it having a negative impact on your social brand.



LinkedIn is especially effective in business-to-business industries. It markets and promotes your brand to other companies. That alone makes it unlike any other app on the list. If handled efficiently, it can generate four times as many clicks to your profile or website like Facebook or Twitter. To achieve those kinds of results, of course, you have to be careful about your post strategy. To succeed, avoid posting on the weekend. LinkedIn profiles are handled by professionals who are inactive on weekends.  Post daily on weekdays and try to get to a total of 20 times per month. LinkedIn’s estimation is that this gets you a 60% unique audience reach, higher than any other platform’s performance.


While posting, you should keep quality and target audience in mind. Your posts on LinkedIn should be professional, your posts on Instagram and Pinterest artistically appealing, and your posts on Facebook and Twitter should aim towards a fun vibe.  Keep monitoring the number of clicks you receive at different times and analyze which time would be optimum for you.

If you post too infrequently, your audience will forget about you; if you post too often, your audience will consider you as spam. Reaching a middle ground using media monitoring is important. By employing well-thought-out strategies about posting frequency, you can turn any platform into an integral part of your marketing efforts.